Fluoroelastomers (FKM’s) are used in a vast range of high-performance applications. Their exceptional resistance to heat ageing and a wide range of fuels, solvents and chemicals makes them ideal for demanding aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

Prisma Colour is a premier supplier of FKM colour masterbatches to the O-ring industry with our Prismagum-F range of products. These products can utilise the exact FKM used in the final compound as the carrier system to maximise product compatibility. Colour matching is available and we can meet specific product requirements such as excellent light fastness and weathering properties by using specially selected high-performance pigments. Should it be required we can also manufacture masterbatches that can be used in food contact applications that conform to regulations such as FDA and BfR.

Standard colourants for rubbers, when used in FKM compounds, tend to be based on waxed or EVA carriers and as a result introduce foreign polymers into the FKM mix which can cause compatibility issues and delamination.  This is particularly problematic if high addition rates are required as larger amounts foreign polymer are introduced.  Prismagum F Masterbatches eliminate foreign polymers in the compound, reducing mixing times and as result in a much cleaner process by removing the dust caused when using raw pigment providers.

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