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About Us

About Us

The Prisma Group began in 1991 as Prisma Colour Limited, a company primarily focused on colour rubber compounds, in the Derbyshire area. The group has progressed to become a leading supplier of colour and additive masterbatches and liquid dispersions to the rubber, plastics and surface coating industries. We are a UK based colour and additive masterbatch supplier and with the help of our international partners, our products are sold in over 55 countries worldwide, being manufactured at multiple sites around the UK. Our success is as a result of our ability to offer the complete service, which combines absolute attention to quality and consistency as well as providing elite and flexible customer care, from the initial enquiry.

Our knowledge and optimisation of the supply chain has ensured our production meets your application needs at the lowest possible cost. We supply both standard and bespoke products; therefore, we will always be able to provide masterbatch, powder and dispersion solutions to your application needs. Our approach is totally requirement led and with the high level of investment we have in our facilities, we aim to match any colour in any base.

With our experience and inhouse expertise, supplying colour pigment dispersions, additive concentrates and masterbatch solutions for most industrial applications, we will be able to guide you through the process to ensure that you have the best possible product that suit your requirements. We use all the major pigment manufacturers, ensuring genuine impartiality in selecting the best available pigments for any application.

The Prisma Group is made up of; Prisma Colour Ltd, Prisma Rubber Additives Ltd and Prisma Dispersion Technology Ltd. With a group capacity in excess of 40,000 tonnes per annum, we have the flexible manufacturing capability to respond to any order of any size.

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The Thornsett Trading Estate,
Birch Vale,
High Peak,
SK22 1AH
United Kingdom


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