Rotational Moulding Powders

Rotational Moulding Powders

Prisma Colour manufactures a wide range of rotational powders at a dedicated facility located in Stalybridge. With recent investment in this site the annual capacity is 9,000 Tpa. Working closely with the thermoplastic colour and additives divisions we can provide you with bespoke powders that match your colour and performance requirements. These products are ground to the highest industry standards and are available in a variety of melt flows and density specifications.

General Purpose Grades

Used in numerous product types, this is one of the most commonly used rotational moulding powder grades. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use as they include a UV stabiliser package.

Technical Grades

Tank Grades

These grades are ideally suited for applications that require the optimum balance of processability, stiffness and low temperature toughness. They are typically used for water tanks and containers, septic, agricultural and chemical storage tanks

Flame Retardant Grades

Our flame retardant materials are compliant to UL94. Typical applications are litter bins and lids and any indoor product that requires flame retardancy.

We have at our disposal a lab scale grinding mill and rotational moulding machine. This means we can send small samples for you to evaluate and colour plaques that have been matched and tested on our rotational moulding pilot plant.

Standard Colours

Prisma Colour has a standard range of rotational moulding colour powders which are readily available with short lead times. Below is a representation of our standard range of coloured rotational moulding powders. If you would like to be sent a physical example of any of the colours in the form of a rotationally moulded plaque or a powder sample please contact our sales team;

Special Effects

At Prisma we know that different applications require special powder qualities, with determined particle size distribution. With our continued investment in rotational moulding technologies we are also able to offer mottle effect rotational moulding powders. Our technical team will customise our rotational moulding powders so that they match your specific requirements.

If you would like to be sent a physical example of any of the colours in the form of a rotationally moulded plaque or a powder sample please contact our sales team.

All of our standard rotational moulding powders have been manufactured using high quality pigments with the best light fastness and weathering properties available and they contain appropriate additive packages so you can have peace of mind when using them in outdoor applications. We have at our disposal two Q-SUN XE1 Xenon Arc accelerated weathering test chambers and have tested our products to ISO 4892-2:2013 so we know that your product will not fade when used outdoors. These standard colours are also available in alternative MFI’s on request.

In addition to manufacturing coloured rotational moulding powders our technical team can use their extensive pigment knowledge to supply dye packs for natural rotational moulding powders. They can match any colour/performance combination and provide a colouring solution that fits your production process.

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