Thermoplastic Additives

Our thermoplastic additive concentrates improve the appearance and performance of resins to meet your exact specifications. They can be used in sheet, profile extrusion, blow moulding, injection moulding, thermoforming and film applications.

Additive masterbatches are available in a wide range of polymer types and as well as our standard grades we have the manufacturing capability and technical knowhow to produce bespoke additive packages to meet your specific requirements.

Below is our standard range of thermoplastic additive masterbatches. For a more detailed description of how each additive masterbatch will improve the performance of your compound please click on the product below.

Standard Additive Range

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With the help of our thermoplastic colour masterbatch division we can also offer the following products;

WHITE MASTERBATCH – Designed for film applications but will work in any plastic processing technique. 50%, 60% and 70% titanium dioxide dispersed in a carrier system of your choice.

PRZW5000, PRZW6000, PRZW7000

BLACK MASTERBATCH – PRZB2000 (20%) and PRZB4000 (40%) as standard. Bespoke available on request

COLOUR MASTERBATCH – We can incorporate additives into our colour masterbatch providing a bespoke colour and performance that exactly meets your specific requirements. For further information on this range please contact our sales team.

Standard Thermoplastic Range Overview

Below is an overview of our standard range with a brief description of how they work. More information can be found by clicking on each product.



Induces microscopic surface roughness that prevents two layers sticking together.

Standard Grades: PRZAB65, PRZABF20N, PRZAB00


Reduces the surface tension on the polymer’s surface so that water droplets cannot form.

Standard Grades: PRZAF82, PRZAF85


Prevent the growth of or destroy a wide range of microbes such as bacteria, fungi, and molds.

Standard Grade: PRZAM60


Protects polymers from high shear forces and heat during processing that can result in the oxidation and degradation of the polymer.

Standard Grade: PRZAO25


Anti-Static Induces a conductive surface layer that lowers conductivity and dissipates the static charge.

Standard Grades: PRZAS66 PRZAS62 PRZAS55


Allows the product to break down into bio degradable materials at the end of it’s lifespan.

Standard Grade: PRZDEG68


Allows for easy separation of plastic products by lowering the coefficient of friction (COF) on the surface of the product.

Standard Grade: PRZDEN78


Moisture scavengers in the masterbatch attract and chemical bind moisture to the polymer reducing the need for pre-drying.

Standard Grade: PRZMS2435

Flame Retardant

Added to a wide range of polymer types to increase fire resistance and reduce flame propagation.

Standard Grades: PRZFR50, PRZFR100

Nucleating Agent

Increase the rate of polymer crystallisation resulting in improved physical properties, reduction in moulding cycle time and better control over shrinkage and warpage.

Standard Grades: PRZNA5 PRZNA1

Processing Aid

Coats the extruder walls and die with fluoropolymer providing a lubricating effect and the elimination of melt fracture without altering processing temperature.

Standard Grades: PRZPA705, PRZPA708, PRZPA706, PRZPAT709


Reduces the coefficient of friction in polyolefins preventing the polymer adhering itself to processing equipment and other polymer surfaces.

Standard Grades: PRZS105E, PRZS105

UV Stabiliser

Increases the life cycle of polyolefins by protecting against photodegredation caused by exposure to direct sunlight or other harmful light sources.

Standard Grades: PRZUV90, PRZUV95

Prisma Colours thermoplastic additive range brochure is available to download by clicking here or visiting the download page of our website. Alternatively, if you would like a physical copy of this brochure or any of our other brochures please contact our sales team.