Prisma Rubber Additives’ Liquid Polymer Dispersion Range

Prisma Rubber Additives continues to expand their offer of liquid polymers dispersed onto a silica carrier as part of their ‘Admix’ range. Prisma’s ‘Admix’ range is made up of high activity concentrates of liquids widely used throughout the polymer industry. The liquids processed range from low-viscosity mineral oils to high-viscosity liquid polymers, which are dispersed on specific amorphous silica carriers

Standard stock products within the ‘Admix’ range include:


Admix 1312 DL 70


Admix 1312 DL 70 is a highly viscous butadiene-acrylonitrile copolymer, with 26% acrylonitrile (ACN) content, dispersed on amorphous silica. It is a permanent plasticiser in that it crosslinks into the rubber on curing. It is recommended when knitting and flow need to be improved. It is also required when the ACN content needs to be increased for oil resistance and for negative polarity for microwave processing.


Admix Lithene AH DL 70


Admix Lithene AH DL 70 is a highly viscous, low-molecular weight, liquid polybutadiene. With a high content of 1,2 vinyl and cyclic vinyl microstructures dispersed on amorphous silica. It is a low-odour and low-VOC product used as a binder in automotive adhesives, coagent for EPDM rubbers and in hard electrical encapsulation systems.


Admix 828 DL 70


Admix 828 DL 70 is a liquid epoxy resin made from bisphenol-A and epichlorohydrin 828 on an amorphous silica carrier. When Admix 828 DL 70 is hardened or cross-linked with curing

agents, excellent mechanical, dielectric, and adhesive properties are obtained, as well as vastly improved chemical resistance.


Prisma Rubber Additives also has the capabilities to offer dry blends based on the following liquid polymers:


– Low-molecular weight 1,4-cis polybutadiene

– Polyisoprene



The advantages of using the Admix range over the liquid form are: 

·      Faster incorporation during compounding.

·      Improved dispersion characteristics. 

·      Convenient material handling as free-flowing powders, which produce faster mixing cycles.

·      Hazard-free and recyclable packaging.

·      No product wastage.

·      Eliminates drum disposal.

·      Eliminates need for heating viscous liquid.

 There are no limits to Prisma Rubber Additives’ capabilities on our Admix range of dry blends. We can provide bespoke blends at varying active concentrations to meet our customers’ requirements. Prisma Rubber Additives can also offer a pre-weighing service to improve handling and incorporation even further. To see our standard range of dry blends, please visit


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