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Colour Masterbatch & Additives
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As a Uk thermoplastic, rubber and silicone masterbatch supplier, we supply technical advice, industry developments and internal Prisma news on this bulletin page!

Prismagum-F Range: Colouring Masterbatch for FKM Applications

Prismagum-F Range: Colour Masterbatch for FKM Applications   FKM, Fluoroelastomer, FPM, and Viton® are all common names for synthetic fluoropolymer rubber materials used in high-performance industries. Originally developed for the aerospace industry, they were quickly...

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Colouring Recycled Plastics!

Colouring Recycled Plastics!   We all know the importance of recycled plastics to the circular economy. Using recycled polymer to create sustainable plastic reduces the amount of fossil fuels being released in the production of consumer and industrial plastic...

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Meet our Sales Team!

Meet our Sales Team!   The Prisma Group began in 1991 and has progressed to become a leading supplier of colour and additive masterbatches and liquid dispersions to the rubber, plastics and surface coating industries.  With our  experience and inhouse...

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Our Roto Advantages!

Our Roto Advantages!   The Prisma Group specialise in supplying rotational moulding powders for all applications. Our roto unit is experienced in bespoke colour matching, including dispersion expertise across various disciplines and applications, making us the...

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VCI Masterbatch added to our Additives Range!

VCI MASTERBATCH ADDED TO OUR ADDITIVES RANGE!    Newly formulated using multifunctional additive, we have expanded our thermoplastic additive range with the addition of VCI Masterbatch - Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. Designed to offer the best appearance,...

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Success at K Fair!

Success at K Fair!   Last week, The Prisma Group flew out to Dusseldorf as part of the K Fair conference, on the C.H. Erbsloh stand. Following the success of DKT IRC in July, it was great to discuss other areas of the business and reconnect with those who we...

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We’re going to K Fair

We're going to K Fair!   We will be exhibiting at K Fair this year, as part of the C. H. Erbsloh stand:   Hall 7, Booth 20     As we are all returning back to conferences and events, if we haven't reconnected already, we look forward to doing so!    ...

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What regulatory changes have recently hit the industry?

What regulatory changes have recently hit the industry? With the formulation of bespoke products for a wide range of industries and global applications, it is paramount that we are aware of the growing amount of regulatory changes that are introduced. We work with our...

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Prisma – The Perfect Match!

Prisma - The perfect match! Our ethos at the Prisma Group is to develop long-term relationships by giving customers the opportunity to always create the best product possible, through: - round the clock support- decades of combined experience- never compromising on...

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Prisma’s Liquid Units Capabilities!

Prisma's Liquid Dispersion Capabilities! Our liquid dispersions unit provides customers with bespoke pigment and additive dispersions and pastes for a wide range of applications. Our products are matched to exact customer specifications using our extensive range of...

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Internship opportunity at The Prisma Group!

Internship opportunity at The Prisma Group! What was the internship opportunity? This year Prisma were approached by Alex, a marketing student currently undergoing a Business Management and Marketing degree in Nottingham. After a conversation discussing the benefits...

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Thank you for making DKT a success!

Thank you for making DKT a success!  Last week, The Prisma Group flew out to Nuremburg as part of the DKT IRC on the C.H. Erbsloh stand.   After an extended wait, it was great to finally be able to exhibit in person and reconnect with those who we haven't been able...

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DKT 2021 (2022)

We're going to DKT!   We will be attending DKT this year, after a three year wait!   Hall 9, Booth 100     As we haven't been able to see you since before the pandemic, it will be great to reconnect and see you in person!     Due to restrictions, tours...

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Prismagum-X Range

The Prismagum-x range The Prismagum- X range is the industry's premium offering for the colouration of rubber compounds. They are highly dispersed colour masterbatches originally designed for the use in printing blankets where any imperfections on the surface of a...

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Roto Special Effects Innovation

Roto special effects innovation! Due to recent circumstances, society has become increasingly in touch with their surroundings and nature as a whole. Whether it be a large open space that you can call your own, or making the most of tight outdoor areas, people have...

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Behind the scenes at The Prisma Group!

Have you seen our brand-new corporate video yet? Why make a corporate video? Our goal has always been to make life easier to customers, so we asked ourselves, how do we do that? The Answer? Do more, so customers have to do less. Easy! Our ethos is based upon superior...

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The Prisma Group Launch New Websites!

As we continue to expand and work towards our vision, we become ever more focused on providing the best service for our customers.

This is why we have created customer-focused, user friendly websites, for all to use.

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