Exceptional customer service and support at Prisma!

Have you been struggling with pigment supply or recently suffered from poor customer service from pigment suppliers?


Discover why Prisma Colour is your ideal partner for accuracy, quality, and support in the rubber, plastics, coating and allied industries.

 What Sets Prisma Colour Apart?:

  • Responsive and Proactive Service: Short lead times, even for bulk orders.


  • Custom Solutions: Tailor-made colour and additive solutions for any industrial application.


  • Decades of Experience: Our team formulates to exacting standards with unmatched technical and process expertise.


  • Independent and Agile: Family-owned with quick decision-making to suit your needs.

How do we exceed expectations?:

  • Exceptional Colour Matching: Superior technical and application know-how.


  • Flexible Manufacturing: Capacity tuned to meet client demands and requirements.


  • Cost-Saving Initiatives: One-pack systems designed to suit your applications and save you money.




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