Thermoplastic Colour Masterbatch & Compounds

Thermoplastic Colour Masterbatch

With over 25 years experience supplying colouring solutions to the polymer industry, Prisma Colour is a leading supplier of colouring solutions to the UK plastics industry and has the expertise to offer products adapted for your specific requirements. Every customer application is assessed and matched to ensure the ideal colour match using our extensive in-house experience. Our knowledge of the colouring supply chain means we optimise our production to ensure your application needs are met at the lowest possible cost.

The Prisma thermoplastic colour masterbatch and compounds division manufactures bespoke colour masterbatches and compounds in a wide range of polymer types, including the following;

Most of our colour masterbatches are bespoke and designed specifically for our customers needs but we do have a standard range of black and white masterbatches. Working closely with our thermoplastic additive division we can incorporate additives into our colour masterbatch offering an “all-in one” solution providing a bespoke colour and performance that exactly meets your specific requirements.

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If you have a thermoplastic colour masterbatch or compound requirement Prisma Colour will work with you to develop a product that is suitable for your requirements. To arrange a colour match and/or sample or for further information on any of our wide range of thermoplastic colour masterbatches and compounds please contact our sales team who will be happy to discuss your enquiry in more detail.

Prisma Colour has a group capacity of over 20,000 tonnes per annum across our flexible manufacturing units which means we can respond to any order size. All of our production facilities are ISO approved and backed up by our highly qualified technical team. Our manufacturing facilities offer the highest level of service, quality and lead time to ensure your needs are met first time, every time. In addition to our standard colour masterbatches Prisma colour can offer a range of special effect masterbatches. We have developed a range of metallic masterbatches that can be used in injection moulding applications that have a special metallic additive specifically designed to reduce flow lines.

One area that we have been particularly innovative is our range of masterbatches designed for use in PET extrusion and injection stretch blow moulding which provide an alternative to liquid colour masterbatches. These PET masterbatches are available in transparent tints, including a frosted effect offering a similar appearance to a HDPE blown bottle whilst retaining transparency at the neck.

Colour Matching

At Prisma Colour we take time to consider all of our customers’ needs and requirements when selecting pigments for a new colour match request. Involved in this are a large number of variables that have to be taken into account depending on the type of polymer:

  • Aesthetics of the finished article
  • Expected life time of the application
  • Processing conditions

With this in mind we have put together a short list of things that must be considered when developing a formulation:

  • Differences in base polymer.
  • Melt flow characteristics.
  • Toxicity requirements.
  • Physical properties required of the moulding.
  • Light fastness of the finished product.
  • Heat histories of the finished article.
  • Accurate let down ratio.
  • Pigment loading/colour strength.
  • Cost consideration.
  • Weather fastness of the finished article.
  • Warping, distortion and shrinkage.
  • Chemical Stability.

All of these elements have to be looked at closely to get a good, accurate and cost effective colour match for the customer. We pride ourselves on bringing technical solutions to the masterbatch industry and building confident long standing relationships with our customers through quality assured service levels. For any further information on any of our product types or to arrange a colour match please contact our sales team who will help you with your enquiry.