Rubber & Silicone Colour Masterbatch

Rubber and Silicone

Prisma Colour Ltd is the premier supplier of colour to the rubber and silicone compounding industries, working with customers in more than 40 countries across the world.

Our customers choose Prisma Colour because of our superior technical and application knowledge which enables us to make any colour to meet any application requirement.

Our rubber and silicone masterbatches are available under the following trade names;

  • PRISMAGUM-G Prisma Colours standard rubber products which have been granulated into a small chip for easy dosing. They are available in multiple polymer types including; EPR, NBR, SBR
  • PRISMAGUM-S Prisma Colours standard rubber products which are supplied in slab form. They are available in multiple polymer types including; EPR, NBR, SBR
  • PRISMAGUM-X The Prismagum-X types are highly dispersed colour masterbatches specifically designed for use in printing blankets. They undergo additional processing steps and QC testing to ensure that the pigment is as highly dispersed as possible.
  • PRISMAGUM-F Prisma Colours specialty masterbatches designed specifically for use in FKM compounds. Customer specific FKM can also be used to eliminate any compatibility issues and achieve dust free colouring.
  • PRISMASIL Prismasil is our trade name for our silicone masterbatches. They are available as a free flowing liquid or as a solid gum for high temperature vulcanised (HTV) and liquid silicone rubber (LSR) systems.
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The majority of our rubber and silicone products are bespoke and designed specifically to match the customer’s needs. Our technical team will select the right pigments to have the required fastness properties as well as meeting any regulations you need your final compound to conform to whilst keeping the cost as low as possible.

We have a standard range of single pigment concentrates for rubber compounding including equivalents to most hostasin, oppasin, renol and microlith products. Our products have an advantage over these products as they can be based on the same polymer type as your compound and can be easily incorporated into your compound even at low temperatures. The hostasin, oppasin, renol and microlith products all need reach a specific temperature before they will start to melt and introduce waxes and/or EVA into your compound and increases the risk of migration and compatibility issues.

A copy of our rubber masterbatch brochure can be downloaded by clicking here or visiting our downloads page. If you would like a physical copy of our rubber masterbatch brochure or any other Prisma brochure please contact our sales team and we will arrange to send you one.

In addition to colour master batch for rubber our sister company Prisma Rubber Additives can provide you with all of your rubber additives requirements. Prisma Rubber Additives develops, supplies and trades specialty chemicals for the global rubber manufacturing industry. They have an experienced team that offers a wealth of knowledge which means they can offer a single source solution for products across a wide range of sectors. Please click here to be taken to their website for further information on their product range.