PRZ PPA masterbatches are designed to improve and enhance the extrusion process during polymer conversion for pipe, film and blow moulding applications. The benefits associated with PRZPPA’s are observed by lower energy use, higher productivity and an improvement in the quality of a product.

PRZPPA masterbatches are based on the latest in Fluoropolymer technology and widely used for improving high sheer extrusion processes. The Fluoropolymer is fully dispersed within the masterbatch polymer matrix to provide the optimum benefit to the process. PRZPPA processing aids function by forming a coating on the inner walls of the extruder and die, reducing back pressure exerted in the extrusion process.  This leads to faster through put at lower temperatures and reduces the chance of polymer degradation whilst maintaining the mechanical properties of the extrudate. Die problems like shark skinning, die drool and other issues associated with melt fracture can be reduced or eradicated completely.

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