Why Does Prisma Lead The Colour Matching Game?

 In the complex world of polymers, achieving perfect colour can be a real challenge. Base polymers, processes, and end-use applications vary widely, demanding a meticulous approach to colour formulation. That’s where Prisma Colour does the heavy lifting, your trusted partner for unrivalled accuracy and expertise in colour matching.

Liquid Viles

Our competitive advantage? We go beyond our competitors.


·       Deep Diver into Requirements: Our wealth of experience and extensive portfolio means we understand the base polymers, processes, and end-use conditions. This ensures the right pigments and dyes are chosen for superior compatibility and performance.


·       Unrivalled communication: At Prisma Colour, we work with your business to ensure misunderstandings are eliminated. Our communication is key to the way we operate; therefore, we will consult with you to ensure we design a product that incorporates all the specifications required for your end application.


·       Custom made products: With our vast experience in dispersion and dispersion technologies, the development team here at Prisma Colour will focus ideas to your design requirements when formulating your colour and additive masterbatches and specialty compounds, whether for thermoplastics, rubbers, liquids, or silicones

The Result? The Perfect Match. No more wasted materials, or frustrated customers. We strive for optimum dispersion while extracting maximum value from the ingredients through thorough formulation, improving your cost benefit ratio enabling greater value from your products.


Our dedication to customer care and quality is reflected in our ethos. Prisma Group develop long term relationships by giving customers the opportunity to create the best product possible. Experience ‘The Perfect Match’ as Prisma Colour provides round the clock support, and unwavering customer focus to every project!


Contact Prisma Colour today and unlock a world of possibilities. Let’s bring your vision to life, with precision and perfection. Similarly, visit out website to learn more about how we formulate our masterbatches and colour matching services.