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Prisma Colour now supplying Thermoplastic Additives

Prisma Colour has installed 2 brand new twin screw extruders with a capacity to run 5,000 tonnes per annum of our Thermoplastic Additive Masterbatch Range.  This range improves mechanical properties/processing capability to enhance your end product. ...

Prisma Colour Unveils New Website

Prisma Colour Ltd is proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website. The company has expanded significantly since its old website was designed and the updated website incorporates dedicated pages for each of its divisions, including newer divisions such...

PET Masterbatch

Innovative masterbatches for use in PET extrusion and injection stretch blow moulding

Accurate Colour Design

At Prisma Colour we take time to consider all of our customer’s needs and requirements when selecting pigments for a new colour match request.

Colouring Sealants

Prisma Colour are producing pigment pastes for colouring sealants

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