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Our specialised development team have been working hard to design bespoke materials to solve multiple manufacturing challenges by achieving the optimum balance of processability, structural integrity when processed and the necessary approvals.

This includes high performance fire-retardant grades and products specifically approved for water storage tanks, tailoring the material precisely for each rotational moulding project.

Our collaborative approach with customers includes working closely together to exceed stringent end-application requirements, such as WRAS approved materials. With these coveted WRAS approvals, the materials further extend our product portfolio and also greatly enhance customers end products.

WRAS Numbers for Developed Products:
TP12978, TP12939, R579, TP13270, TP11115.

Our Roto Portfolio:

General Grades
We acknowledge both aesthetic and performance requirements for compounds, and include a UV stabiliser package for indoor and outdoor use. Used in numerous product types, these are some of the most commonly used rotational moulding powder grades.
Flame-retardant Grades

Our grades are manufactured for the long-term; therefore, our flame-retardant materials are compliant to UL94. Typical applications include litter bins and lids and any indoor product requiring flame retardancy.

Technical Grades

Used in most technically specific articles, these grades offer ease of processing for complex mouldings. Here we can also use our specialist formulation knowledge using superior antioxidant and UV stabiliser packages for greater durability.

Tank Grades
These grades are ideally suited for applications that require the optimum balance of processability, stiffness, and low temperature toughness. Typically used for very large containers, primarily water, oil and chemical tanks.
Special Effects
We have innovated multiple stone, marble and granite effect colours suitable for general purpose moulding. Easy moulding grade, medium stiffness and flexible with additive packages, these grades are fitting for most aesthetical applications.


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