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Mastering Chemical Stability: The Key to Quality Manufacturing

In manufacturing, both aesthetic and performance quality are vital for product design and brand identity.

This concerns the technical design of the thermoplastic articles and the assurance of chemical stability in the final product.

Technician in R&D laboratory
‘The Technical Design process in the Lab’

The definition of masterbatch is a concentrated mixture of pigments, additives, and carrier resins engineered to simplify the colouring process in materials.

It’s a versatile tool which offers numerous advantages to plastic manufacturers:

  • Colour Precision: masterbatch allows for precise colour formulation, ensuring consistency

  • Ease of use: masterbatch streamlines production and reduces chances of error or inconsistencies


  • Efficiency: masterbatch reduces dust contamination and reduces waste and production costs


  • Versatility: masterbatch is tailored to meet the specific needs of applications


  • Customisation: masterbatch can be created in a wide spectrum of colours, textures and effects to meet market demands.



Maroon Thermoplastic Colour Masterbatch
‘Thermoplastic Colour Masterbatch’

Chemical stability in masterbatch means that the colourant and additives retain their desired properties despite being subjected to chemicals either in the formulation/polymer matrix or when in use.

This stability is vital to maintain colour integrity and quality throughout a products’ life, avoiding issues that compromise aesthetic and performance.


Failure to ensure chemical stability may lead to:

  • Reduced product lifespan: premature degradation, colour fading or migration, weathering


  • Potential regulatory non-compliance: many industries have strict regulations and quality standards


  • Reduced operational efficiency: chemically unstable masterbatch may require frequent adjustments and rework during production


  • Brand integrity risks: low quality end-products reduce consumer confidence and compromise brand loyalty


At Prisma Colour, our formulations provide lasting colour properties, elevating your manufacturing process and delivering superior aesthetics and performance quality. 

Challenge us to design the perfect masterbatch that incorporates the exact requirements for your applications!

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