At Prisma Colour we take time to consider all of our customer’s needs and requirements when selecting pigments for a new colour match request.

Involved in this are a large number of variables that have to be taken into account depending on the type of polymer:

  • Aesthetics of the finished article
  • Expected life time of the application
  • Processing conditions

With this in mind we have put together a short list of things that must be considered when designing a formulation:

  • Differences in base polymer
  • Melt flow characteristics
  • Toxicity requirements
  • Physical properties required of the moulding
  • Light fastness of the finished article
  • Heat histories of the finished article
  • Accurate let down ratio
  • Pigment loading/colour strength
  • Cost considerations
  • Weather fastness of the finished article
  • Warping, distortion and shrinkage
  • Chemical Stability

All of these elements have to be looked at closely to get a good, accurate and cost effective colour match for the customer. We pride ourselves on bringing technical solutions to the masterbatch industry and building confident long standing relationships with our customers through quality assured service levels.

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