Celebrating 30 Years in Business!

A remarkable amount has changed since the start-up of Prisma Colour in 1991. The company has gone from strength to strength in the last thirty years, growing to create new products, enter new markets, and integrate acquisitions that have all shaped the success of Prisma today.

Most importantly, we are proud to say we have achieved this whilst preserving the core principles we have shown from the very beginning. Our commitment to demonstrate our outstanding customer service and bespoke products has driven us for the last three decades.

We thank everybody who has played their part in the company that we see today, as we now look to the future to go above and beyond the high standards that we, as a business, have shown since 1991.

Certification of Prisma Colour Limited as a Private Limited Company.

In times of achievement, we can reflect on the successes that have brought us to where we are today and realise just how far we have come. The Prisma Group has grown larger than ever since moving to our new state-of-the-art facilities last year, with an output capacity like never before.

Beginning in 1991 at a site in Padfield, Glossop, Managing Director Tim Johnson established the group, exercising the fundamentals of the company: customer-focused problem solving. Tim’s knowledge and skillset scaled the business to various facilities in the Derbyshire area, enabling the growth of new business units. The production of rubber additives, which expanded the already rubber-focused business, was shortly followed by the introduction of both thermoplastic masterbatch and rotational moulding compound units. With all areas of the business gaining strength, Prisma Group had increased employment levels, customer base, and output capacity but was still very much focused on the mission to become the global leader in colouring and additive solutions.

Pursuing aspirations, our output grew in size and, with multiple locations supporting production, Prisma Group is now made up of six different colourant and additive business sectors. The group continues to advance in various ways, with acquisitions playing a key role in the scaling of the business. The strategic additions to the group, in parallel with our distribution networks, have assisted the success in international markets and allowed the company to excel in evolving global marketplaces.

Today we see a very different Prisma than that of 1991. We are now a global supplier of colour and concentrates to the rubber, plastics, and surface coating industries, active in more than 50 countries across the world. Our latest production site in the High Peak, and our other site in Stalybridge, visually represent the hard work and commitment of the last three decades, and we show gratitude to those who have assisted us in getting to where we are today.

The Prisma Group’s latest facility in the High Peak.

Looking to the future has always been at the heart of the Prisma Group and after 30 years this is no different. Reflecting on success can be beneficial, but here at Prisma we are committed to drive technical understanding and pioneer through innovation to surpass expectations. With our superior customer focus and exceptional problem-solving proficiency, we know we are more than capable of reaching our ambitions.