Supply to Key Industries During the Pandemic

With the good news announced that the UK will continue to ease back to normality, it is worth a moment to pause and reflect upon how our company supported key industry sectors such as food packaging and healthcare during the pandemic as we remained operational throughout. This was made possible by the commitment, dedication and sheer hard work of everyone here at Prisma Group whilst implementing and adhering to strict COVID protocols. Putting into practice our set customer-focused policy, we brought in extra raw material stocks well above what would normally be required so that we did not let our customers down when they particularly needed us.




When the pandemic hit in March 2020, we were named essential workers and remained fully operational throughout the lockdowns. As a result of our supply to key industries, we set out the goal to fulfil all our orders of any size to make sure we were doing everything we could to make life that little easier during times of tension for our customers. This was achieved by the flexible working approach of staff, that was a credit to each one of them, once again exhibiting the fundamentals of Prisma as a collective; going above and beyond to serve the needs of our customers. Demonstrating the ability and desire to supply solutions to customers, even in times of adversity.

Indeed, the move into our new premises in 2020 was also done under the most trying of conditions, but we never let our customers down with deliveries and this was and is something we are very proud of. Since then, we have gone from strength to strength, making use of our new factory and expanding in all areas of the business. The new factory has supported the Prisma Group expansion, taking on several new members of staff facilitating new levels of efficiency for our customers whilst remaining flexible and responsive with our increase in output.





With the easing of restrictions in society and hopefully the continued progress of the vaccine roll-out, we look forward to better times for everyone, and we remain ever-ready to support key industries in their continued efforts now and in the future.