Coloring Recycled Plastics

Colouring Recycled Plastics!


We all know the importance of recycled plastics to the circular economy. Using recycled polymer to create sustainable plastic reduces the amount of fossil fuels being released in the production of consumer and industrial plastic products. Recycled polymer is the key to a sustainable plastic industry.


Recycled Polymer
‘Recycled Polymer’


Every day , an array of plastic products are introduced to the market, each serving a unique purpose to protect and preserve goods. However, while recycled plastics have benefits for the environment, it is critical that we monitor and improve the quality of these materials, as the integration of recycled polymers into these products may unintentionally introduce harmful chemical compounds into final-end products, jeopardising the primary function of the application. For example, harmful chemical compounds into food applications.



Good examples of recycled plastics:

  • Plastic crates and bins manufactured from HDPE recovered from milk bottles.
  • HDPE milk bottles back into HDPE milk bottles
  • PET fibre from recovered PET packaging (CSD water bottles)
  • Wood-plastic composites


Potential challenges for using PCR and PIR for plastic packaging:

  • The contamination from an unintended use by the consumer
  • Cross-contamination from other packages, as well as from contaminated equipment along the recycling stream
  • The processing of materials with different compositions, eg: multilayer films with polymer degradation and stability issues that become relevant after multiple cycles of recycling

Plastic End Applications
‘End applications of consumer plastic products’

 As the use of sustainable plastic increase, so does the need for safe colourants for plastics. Providing colourants for sustainable plastics of all composition, requires a recycled-centric approach with technical expertise.

At Prisma, we are at the forefront of colouration and formulating with additives for recycled plastics and have the technical capability to supply the best suited colourants for plastics, for all applications.

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