Prisma Group Liquid Dispersions

Prisma’s Liquid Dispersion Capabilities!

Our liquid dispersions unit provides customers with bespoke pigment and additive dispersions and pastes for a wide range of applications.

Our products are matched to exact customer specifications using our extensive range of pigments and advanced dispersion knowledge.

We can disperse pigments and additives into almost any liquid carrier system, therefore we are able to provide custom solutions, whatever your application.


Liquid Dispersions

What services do we offer?

The liquid dispersion unit of The Prisma Group is very much focused on bringing tailor made solutions to customer needs.

We work closely with our customers to develop colouring solutions and to resolve any issues they may be having with competitor’s standard “off the shelf” approach.

Below is a brief overview of our liquid dispersion product range:


Prisma Liquid Dispersion Range

Our liquid department are not limited to just these products and can offer colouring and additive solutions to all types of niche applications.

Whatever your need, we can provide the perfect match.

Contact us to see how we can help.

Toll Manufacturing

We can also offer a Toll Manufacturing service to a given formula and set product specification.

We prioritise quality through extensive quality control measures for all our dispersion products.


Prisma Colour Liquid Dispersion Mixer

Investment in Production Capacity

With our recent transition to our purpose built factory, we further invested into our liquid unit and increased our capacity with the addition of new production machinery.

We have a variety of mixing and milling machinery at our disposal including:

-High Speed Dispersers
-Silverson Mixers
-Triple Roll Mills
-Basket Mills
-Horizontal Beadmills


Prisma Colour Liquid Dispersion Mixer

The Perfect Match

At Prisma, we believe the company you work with should not only fill a need, but actively work with you to create the best outcome possible.

We provide a superior service that offers proactive communication, to achieve a product that is technically designed around your requirements.

Browse our liquid dispersion range here, or contact us today to discuss how our services can solve your development needs, and further advance your end products.