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Internship opportunity at The Prisma Group!

What was the internship opportunity?

This year Prisma were approached by Alex, a marketing student currently undergoing a Business Management and Marketing degree in Nottingham.

After a conversation discussing the benefits of working his placement year at Prisma, we soon agreed that a marketing opportunity could be a valuable experience for both of us.


Responsibilities of the role

Alex was able to coordinate all marketing activities ofr the group, bringing brand cohesion through the company and chairing meetings to help develop our marketing efforts as a whole.


Throughout his time, Alex has been able to take lead of projects and produce content that will represent the brand for many years to come. This included new websites for Prisma Colour and Prisma Rubber Additives that are live right now; a corporate video that exhibits our new purpose-built factory, as well as engaging, monthly press releases covering both Prisma news and industry developments!
There has also been a lot of work behind the scenes, prepping material for presentations, conferences and customer visits as well as involving himself in a lot of wider aspects of the business.

Alex’s response to the last 12 months

“The main benefit to my role this year has been the level of trust that the directors and managers have had in me. They have given me a good level of autonomy and responsibility and have trusted me to continue to develop the company’s marketing activities with high standards.

Everyone is approachable and friendly which has made it easier to integrate into the work force and invest myself into the culture of the business.

In this stage of my career, this experience has been invaluable; I have a professional portfolio to exhibit my work, gained a thorough understanding of a working business including knowledge of supply chain, strategy and sales as well as confidence in my business acumen to offer value in professional conversations and voice my opinion.

I may not be coming on site everyday but I am excited to continue to expand Prisma’s marketing efforts remotely from Nottingham, whilst I complete my degree.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all those who have supported me with my work this year and have made it such an enjoyable experience!”


Rubber Orange Pigment Dispersion Slab Triple Roll Mill

Director’s response to the last 12 months

The way in which Alex has integrated into our commercial and technical team here at Prisma shows a maturity beyond his years.

Having Alex in the marketing group this past year has really enabled a refreshed and more driven approach to our marketing efforts.

Whilst a number of us here at Prisma have direct and indirect industrial marketing experience, Alex has really given focus, momentum and a more modern touch to all of our marketing activities.

This has facilitated some superb results like the corporate video and the vastly improved web site brought together in a very timely manner.”

If you would like to explore our career options or enquire about any potential opportunities with The Prisma Group, contact us here!