Prisma Group Liquid Dispersions

Prisma – The perfect match!

Our ethos at the Prisma Group is to develop long-term relationships by giving customers the opportunity to always create the best product possible, through:

– round the clock support
– decades of combined experience
 never compromising on quality.

And this is embodied in our strapline, encompassing all aspects of our brand:

The Perfect Match!


 The Perfect Match is a reflection of our dedication to our 
Vision Statement:
To be the global leader in colouring and additive solutions to the rubber and thermoplastics industry and pioneer through superior quality in parallel with exceptional customer service and support.
The perfect match references the tangible and intangible elements of our business: 
Superior Product Quality
  • To get closer to our vision, product quality is paramount. Therefore we aim to create the perfect match for every order, every time.
Exceptional Customer Support
  • To be the global leader, more than just our quality products are required.
  • We have to develop relations and offer support whenever it is needed, to be the best partner for your business.
The Prisma Group Sample Wallet The Perfect Match For Your Business

Our brand values have been the core of the company for over 30 years and has been principle in the way we operate: 


  • With our broad in-house knowledge, our professional colourists will develop the perfect match, to all your specifications.

  • We have the capital to ensure the highest quality control, trusting that your order will be consistent.

Customer Focused

  • The focus of The Prisma Group is to serve beyond the norm to ensure you have the service you need to achieve the best end-product you can.

  • Unlike others, we will work around the clock to go beyond the basic needs, and provide a service that will not let you down.

Honesty and Integrity

  • At Prisma, we acknowledge the importance of a trustworthy supplier, someone who can be depended on in the tough times.

  • Therefore, we do more to build relations through trust, respect and transparency with all employees, suppliers and customers.

To see how we can be the perfect match for your business, contact us today for a free consultation on +44 (0) 1457 856 505 and discover how we can be of service!