Masterbatch and Pigment Dispersions for Plastic, Rubber and Coatings

Masterbatch & Pigment Dispersions

Prisma Colour offer Masterbatch and Pigment Dispersions for all industrial applications including; Rubber and Silicone Colourants and Dispersions, Masterbatch and Liquid and Paste Dispersions. What makes Prisma different is the fact that we are the only company within the industry that manufacture such a vast range of products and our success is based on the ability to provide a 'one stop shop' meeting our customers needs by matching technical specification, quality and lead-times whilst remaining the most competitive supplier in our field. Whatever your industrial colouring needs, contact Prisma today on 01457 856 505 and experience the perfect match.

Rubber & Silicone Colourants

Rubber and Silicone Colourants

Prisma are the UK's premier supplier of rubber and silicone pigment dispersions. Our superior technical knowledge enables us to offer a perfect match to any application.

  • Masterbatch for Rubber
  • Masterbatch for Silicone Gum and Fluid
  • Dry Powder Blends


thermoplastic masterbatch

Prisma Colour manufacture colourant

and additive masterbatch, together with thermoplastic compound and rotational moulding powders.

  • Polymer Specific and Universal Masterbatch
  • Rotational Moulding Powders
  • Thermoplastic Compounds

Liquid & Paste Pigments

liquid and paste pigment dispersions

Prisma offer a vast range of pigment dispersions for all surface coating and ink applications, matched to your specifications using our extensive range of pigment options.

  • Plasticiser and Epoxy Dispersions
  • Solvent and Aqueous Dispersions
  • Bespoke Liquid and Paste Dispersions

Forget standard colours and universal products, Prisma develop and produce custom colour and additive masterbatches in commodity and engineering polymers in the same time frame, or less, than it takes to source a universal product.

We have recently invested in a state-of-the-art spectrophotometer that incorporates the ability to specifically match and predict colours from a set of co-ordinates, as well as predicting formulations from the measuring of a normal sample.

This helps if a customer needs a specific RAL or Pantone number matching as these can be matched against a stored set of values for each colour, enabling a faster response to new enquiries sometimes only in the time it takes to pull a formulation from the database.

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